Culture, Community and Yarluwar Ruwe are at the forefront of everything we do. This incorporates being:

Welcoming and Inclusive

Ensure that every person who walks through the door, feels like they belong and are connected with their Community and with their Health Service.               



Every person has the basic human right to being respected as a person. In return we will ask for respect to be shown to us.

Understanding and Non-judgemental  

Will always seek to understand our clients and families.  Not judge people based on their situation or any health care need and we will work to dispel stigma associated with their situation.


Trust and Honesty

Will be honest with our communications, we will not mislead, misinform, misdirect or pass the buck.  Work to gain your trust to deliver the health service that you expect and treat it with the utmost respect and concern. We will treat your confidential information with the utmost care and  ensure we adhere to the National Privacy Principles.

Proud of who we are

We are part of the Ngarrindjeri community and we are proud of our Ngarrindjeri heritage. We will take pride in everything that we do and always work to deliver our service to the highest quality standard that our community expects from us.