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Tumbetun Namawi mi:wi

(Healing Our Spirit) Team

Moorundi Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service Ltd. delivers a comprehensive range of primary health care services to our communities. 


Mental Health Clinician, Social and Emotional Wellbeing Counsellor, Community Engagement Officer and Alcohol and Other Drugs Counsellor

deadly nans.PNG

Tumbetun Namawi mi:wi (Healing Our Spirit): 

  • Bringing the Community Together

  • Holistic Health, focusing on the emotional effect on health

  • Mental Health Counselling

  • Alcohol And Other Drugs Counselling

  • Supports the Language Groups

  • Supports the Geneology Groups

  • Continue to support the Deadly Nannas

  • Encourages programs that link Language and Culture with Social & Emotional Wellbeing

  • Partnership with Department for Child Protection

  • Event Organisation - NAIDOC, Reconciliation, Sorry Day, and others.

  • Interagency partnership with Nanko-Walun Porlar Nomawi, South School Primary and Moorundi to create a CD in Language for grandparents

  • Yarning Groups

Moorundi and UniSA Partnership

Best Practice in Older People’s Mental Health: Case Study Aunty Ros

In January, 2020 a group of our Ngarrindjeri Elders joined forces with Dr Kate Rhodes from Uni SA and the Social and Emotional Well Being team to develop an educational film. The need for an appropriate Cultural Needs Assessment came out of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and the Oakden Review.


In response to the outcomes of the commission Dr Rhodes approached Moorundi for Cultural advice from our Elders, and the possibility of creating a video as an educational resource that we could share. The film will contribute to the Post Graduate Certificate, “Best Practice in Older People’s Mental Health”, for registered nurses.


We had planned an official launch of the film for the 23rd March, however the Coronavirus has put a hold on this, and we will announce the launch later in the year. Congratulations to the wonderful and talented Elders who gave their time and acting skills to the making of this film.


Thank you to Aunty Roslyn Richards, Aunty Vicki Hartman, Aunty Lena Rigney, Aunty Pauline Walker, Georgie Trevorrow, Vicki Cummings and Diana Murphy. Thanks also to Dr Rhodes for inviting us to contribute to Uni SA’s teaching resources.

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