Our lands, our waters, our people, all living things are connected, we long for the health of our ancestors to guide us in providing a focal point for all to connect to holistic and integrated health services

The vision for Moorundi Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service vision is based on who we are and where we want to be. Moorundi is not separate to the community, we are a part of the community and as such we have responsibilities to our culture and our lands. We are proudly Ngarrindjeri, and we have a responsibility to provide a safe place and space for our community to engage in health services that meet their needs.  We envision providing that safe place of healing, in being a focal point for people to    access health services that incorporates the Spiritual, the Cultural, the Social, the Emotional, the Mental and the Physical. That this safe space of    healing focuses on wellbeing, including preventative health measures not only on clinical care.