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organisational structure

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Sumner

Business Director

Natasha Smith

Acting Aboriginal Health Clinical Director

Ashleigh Smith 

Admin Manager & Executive Assistant

Brooke Vanzati 


Denise Waechter


Phoebe Kartinyeri

Courtney Rigney

Emma Argent-Butler ( Trainee ) 

Transport Officers

Noel Hartman

Gerald Sumner

Melanie Bassham-Bert

Paul Norris

Sandy Norris
Melissa Sumner

Teresa Ayres

Community Cultural Development Officer  
Kelly Rigney

Aboriginal Community Engagement Worker
Aileen Rigney

Community Engagement Officer Chris Hawkins

Human Resources, IT & WHS

Rebecca Fidge 

Kirsty Smith 

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Manager

Diana Murphy

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Counsellor

Bobbie-Jo Williams

Alcohol and Other Drugs Counsellor

Emma Jackson

NDIS Community Support Worker

Vicki Cummings

Mental Health Clinician

Zane Gunter

Aged Care Support Coordinator
Gordon Rigney Snr 

Aged Care Connector

Gerald Rigney 

ITC Indigenous Health Project Officer

Dorothy Kartinyeri

ITC Indigenous Health Project Officer - KI, Adelaide Hills, Fleureiu Peninsula

Catherine Warren 

ITC Care Coordinator

Karen Cooper

Acting Aboriginal Clinic Manager​

Kelly Smith

Clinical Administration

Crystal Ackland 

Skye Kartinyeri-Sumner


Senior Aboriginal Health Practitioners 

Gordon Rigney


Aboriginal Health Practitioners

Montina Sumner

Nikki Smith
Thomas Pearson ( Trainee ) 

General Practitioners

Dr. Jodi Hunt

Dr. Sheree Hunt

Dr. Jerry Wong

Dr. Prashan Kuruppu

Dr Naomi Wall

Dr David Edwardes 

Dr Joy Cheng

Registered Nurse

Melissa Rumbelow

Janelle McIntosh

Chronic Disease Coordinator 

Luke McKenzie

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